Unmeasured Strength is Lauren Manning’s memoir chronicling her remarkable journey out of the fires of 9/11, with a universal message for all of us who have ever encountered defeat, illness, injury, loss: no matter how difficult life’s challenges, we have inside us the power to prevail. Laugh, cry, and triumph, as you share Lauren’s story.

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Anytime you get quoted by a standing president as the model of resilience of the American people it's a good day. This from a Major Policy Speech Obama gave recently:

"In just these last few years as President, I have watched the American people bounce back from painful recession, mass shootings, and natural disasters … These events were heartbreaking; they shook our communities to the core. But because of the resilience of the American people, these events could not come close to breaking us. I think of Lauren Manning, the 9/11 survivor who had severe burns over 80 percent of her body, who said, ‘That’s my reality. I put a Band-Aid on it, literally, and I move on.’"

President Barack Obama

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Unmeasured Strength is both an enduring story about the resilience of character and an ode to the human determination to defeat evil. Lauren Manning did what the mighty Greek Sisyphus could never do: push the boulder to the top of the hill and never let it roll down. She has written a brilliantly vivid, wholly empowering tour de force that makes the impossible seem possible; her inspiring example just may teach us how to reverse our fates.”
Lucinda Franks, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, author of My Father’s Secret War

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