"How we act in times of adversity defines us."

I actually could not put your book down and read it from cover to cover in less than 6 hours. I pray that you and your family are doing well and although we just came upon the 21st anniversary of 9/11, we will never forget! Keep motivating the world with your story. It is beautiful!! 

I just finished Unmeasured Strength and all I can say is WOW.  

I just wanted to let you know your book is easily the most inspiring story I have ever read.  I am constantly reading books by determined business women, but you are by far the strongest woman I have ever read about.  I am sure you hear this all the time, but I truly look up to your strength, fight to live, and overall grit. 

As I read your book I developed a real respect for you in being such a straight forward, loyal, strong, faithful  and no nonsense person. Your story made a real impact on me. I will never forget reading your book.

I am, still to this day, inspired by your story and the speech you shared with us. I just wanted to send you a quick note to once again thank you for your courage, your continued advocacy, and the impact you had on me that day, my fraternity brothers, and all of the students who heard you speak. I hope you and your family are doing well and send my best wishes.

I don't read true stories, they can be too sad and make me cry.  I cried and cheered you along when I read your book.  I know you were already thru your nightmare but cheered for you anyway.  You are truly an inspiration to all.  You family is lucky to have such a strong woman in their midst.

Dear Lauren, I wasn’t going to write anything as words cannot express my feelings while I read your book. I am not a “reader” per se,, but have FLOWN through your book. It is so well written and interesting. I am truly fascinated by your strength and resolve. Just amazing. I hope to write an actual, well thought-out message in the future, but for now, I just had to reach out and say thank you, and that you are truly, truly an inspiration. I wish MORE people would read your story. May God continue to heal and bless you.

Hello Lauren,
I have followed your story through the years and have been amazed at your strength and resilience.

I wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom and strength that you gave each and every one of us at the Barron's Women's Conference.  I got on the plane and read and finished your book.  You are definitely an inspiration. 

Dear Lauren,
I have not been to NY city for over 55 Years ( I am now 82 years old). The reason for my trip was a surprise 78th birthday for my wife of 56 years. After visiting ground 0 , a very moving experience, I decided on my return to Toronto Canada to read some Biography and memoir books.

So far I have read 3 and yours by far was the very best. Your book is certainly “ your story of survival and transformation.” Many times I felt I was right there with you.

My wife wanted to read the book so today I had to go to the Library to renew it for her. The renewal slip was 9/11/18, how about that! I have to tell all my friends .

Thank You For Sharing .God bless you and your family and all the best for the future.

Hi Lauren,

I just finished reading your book. I’m finding it hard to articulate what I’m feeling . I’m sure you have been called a Hero many times. I have had challenges throughout my life and always picked myself up, but if tested with your challenges it’s hard to comprehend that kind of courage and perseverance. You are my inspiration!!!!

Life is truly a gift and you reminded me once again and I thank you.

Lauren, I read your book yesterday. You are the most inspirational woman I know. And I say “I know” because after reading Unmeasured Strength yesterday, I feel that with your candor, and your honesty, I do “know” you. While you probably think that you only did what you had to do for your son, you showed MORE strength and determination than any of us other moms could ever muster. I will continue to think of your journey often, and when the minor glitches in my day seem insurmountable, I will get inspiration from you, as will so many other women.

I watched all of the 9/11 tragedies and stories as they unfolded since the first moment the news came; I escaped the tragedy only because I was called to an appt. for my mother that day … I had mixed feelings as to how me and my family (first responders all present from day one at the World Trade Center) would spend the anniversary. What does it really mean to move on? Is it closure? How do you ‘celebrate’ a day like this? Well, after reading your book, and going on your blog, I am encouraged by your “Unmeasured Strength” and the Beacons of Hope you speak about replacing the ashes that were once there. Thank You Lauren Manning (and Greg) for your tireless, openly candid, giving of yourselves to so many of us that are still trying to make sense of that horrible day in our history

To Greg & Lauren: It’s Sunday 11th September, 8:00 pm in Perth, Western Australia. I have just watched the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Towers Collapse on our news. Sitting with my three sons I then tell them through the tears how I had felt as I watched … the unimaginable unfold before me 10 years ago. I told them how I had read [about] the journey of Lauren who on that morning had kissed her baby son goodbye and gone to work!!! …You had been such an inspiration for me while my children were little…If I had a bad day I thought of you and your journey, and it got me through my day so much easier.

I want you to know that you and your family are never far from my thoughts, and to see you have another beautiful baby just made me cry. My 18-year old is now in his room reading your journey, Lauren. I know it will make him stop and think…. EVERY DAY YOU HAVE A CHOICE. MAKE IT COUNT. 10 years on and we are all stronger.

What an inspiration !! You refused to lose !!!!!!! WOW, Life is good, enjoy the ride !!

Dear, dear Lauren. You have expressed the strength, courage and tenacity that are at the heart of the true pioneering American spirit. So profoundly you say: “we all have pain, struggles and problems to overcome “. Yet, looking around we seem to be overloaded with media continually reinforcing and campaigning that we are victims, rather than a blessed people capable of heroic acts of good. In your calm and knowing voice you speak to remind us who we are in our souls, and what really defines us. This strength is in each of us, and it is as you say so well, a CHOICE. You reflect your deep beauty and clarity for life in all you have said and done.

Please speak out more often.

Dear Lauren: I heard your interview on NPR this morning and it could not have come at a better time. For about a year now, my wife and I have been fighting to ensure that our 1 1/2 year old son has a fair shot at a “normal life.” … For the last 12 months we have not allowed ourselves to feel pity, anger, or depression; we just focused on the mission at hand, and that was to get our son out of danger. … On the Friday before I heard your interview, our pediatrician told us that our son was exhibiting some developmental delays …Unlike the resolve with which we faced the surgeries, this particular news left us completely dispirited. It just felt like we could not catch a break and that this battle was never going to end. This morning, I took great comfort in what you said during your radio interview: “You just have to move on. Why not? What’s the alternative? Have your pity party. Don’t make it last too long.” These words and your inspiring story have left me with a renewed sense of optimism and determination. And for that, thank you, and I wish you the best on your continued recovery.

Lauren … I was so amazed by your story. And I mean this honestly that in the 10 years since that dreadful day I have thought about you so very often and have sent many prayers for you and your family. You are an amazing woman ! May the Lord bless you and your family.

I was fortunate to catch your interview with Piers Morgan and you were such an inspiration to me… Your story of strength and endurance…gave me the impetus to move forward on an idea that I had been mulling about for years of working diligently to get art and music to school children in the US …. I immediately ordered your book … look forward to reading it. I wanted to express my gratitude to you for inspiring me to move forward and never look back.

Lauren: Every year in September I read Love, Greg and Lauren. Your story of recovery, love and faith never ceases to inspire me. I want to thank you for writing a follow-up and for allowing all of us to have a glimpse of your tremendous recovery as you reclaim your life. I appreciate your humility and your incredible strength. I wish you and your lovely family the best. Stay strong and stay well!

Dear Lauren, I just finished reading your book actually I couldn’t put it down, I am inspired by your strength and ability to never give up, I understand being a mother of two grown daughters I’d have done anything for or because of them. You looked inside yourself and never gave up, you are truly a miracle. …I have followed your story and i just wanted to say bravo and I am very, very happy for you and your family. May God bless….Good Luck to you and Greg and your beautiful sons. We may not have been there with you in the hospital but we stood for you in your recovery and you did help heal us.

Lauren, I just now finished reading Unmeasured Strength. First thing, the book is appropriately named. Sounds like you have the most awesome parents anyone could have. I had to laugh at the part in the book when you say that their calm and “in control” approach to parenting kind of made you crazy a bit. I will read your book over and over when I need to feel strength. You surely learned how to be a great human being with their help, not to minimize your own personal strength. You are such an inspiration….You’re an amazing woman with so much strength, and a lot of women reading your book will get strength from reading it. I know I did. … Thanks so much for your inspirational story Lauren. You are so beautiful!

Hey Lauren, what an inspiration you are! I have always tried to pinch myself back to reality mid-day when nonsensical things cause turmoil. Your journey brings those small or seemingly, large instances to full clarity. After reading the review in the Wall Street Journal, I bought your book the same night. I hang on each line of your gutsy journey, it has been living with me daily and will stay there. Please continue to communicate the many hard won messages, unmeasured previously, but now known for all of us to measure ourselves with. 

Dear Lauren: Your book reminded me of my own will and determination to take each day and win- if not for yourself but for the people who love and support you. You are an inspiration to me. If there is a day I’m feeling down or sorry for my outward appearance I will remember your fight, your will and determination to live each day God bestows on you, and be so thankful to live and to thrive….You are a hero, a beacon of hope to me.

Lauren, i can’t wait to read your book! I saw you on Fox News the other day…i had wondered about you over the years and squealed with delight when i saw you were going to be on Fox! You are such an inspiration…God bless you!

Lauren, it’s late but had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book.  Recently, I saw you on several talk shows and I’m so glad I did….The last few weeks, I’ve been very discouraged with my battle with Fibromyalgia and possibly a new challenge … Your book has given me the courage to keep pushing and not give up … Emotionally, you will  never know how much you have helped me.  Usually I have trouble getting through a book, but I couldn’t put yours down, until I finished it…Many of my friends will be buying your book and I am saving mine to read parts every day to give me inspiration.

Thank you for having the courage to live, with your courage you may be saving lives.  When people read  your book like I did it will give them the will to live and push on.

Hi Lauren: I watched you on the Today show over the weekend and immediately ordered your book. It arrived last night and I couldn’t out it down! I was up until am reading and I am about half way through. Your story is so real and your strength is truly an inspiration to all of us. I got up today with a renewed sense of optimism and faith in myself and all that is possible!

Thank you for taking the time to share your story. I will pass my book along to others that can benefit from learning more about the human spirit and the strength that we can derive from within.

 I wish you and your family happy days ahead!

Lauren, I am reading your book right now. You are a true hero and an inspiration to us all. Your strength is simply amazing! I really love your writing style. I feel as if I have known you all my life. Wishing you and your beautiful family only the best!

Dearest Lauren, I just finished reading your book, with tears in my eyes, and I just had to write you.

I am a 66 year old retired nurse from Denver, Colorado and the first thing I want to say is thank you for praising all the nurses that cared for you throughout your journey. I know from 40 years of experience how very hard they work…You, Lauren, are my inspiration and yes, my hero. I am giving this book to all my friends to read. All of us can gain inspiration and a different perspective on life from you even if we do not have a catastrophic injury or illness.

Whenever I am depressed, or feeling sorry for myself I will think of Lauren and say, “GET OVER IT” After 66 years  (and you are never too old to learn) I learned the true meaning of human determination from you.

Take care my dear Lauren. Love to you and Greg, Tyler, and Jagger.

Lauren: I just finished your book.  I am completely and utterly amazed and inspired by you.  I read Greg’s book when it came out …  I cried and prayed that you would survive and move on to a wonderful and fulfilling life.  I am so delirious to know that you have.  Your family has now become my strength in life. …May you stay in God’s love and know you are such a wonderful example in our lives of strength, love and compassion.

You will always be in our hearts Lauren. 

Dear Lauren, I feel I can call you “Lauren” now that I know so much about you. After watching Piers Morgan show last Sunday and watching your interview I immediately bought your book. From the moment I started reading it, I just could not put it down. What an inspiration!!! I felt your joy, your pain, cried with you and for 2 days I have “lived your life” with you. I feel my spirit has been re-energized and uplifted with your story – an amazing story and HUGE source of inspiration. 

May God keep showering you and your family with blessings. 

Your book was delivered to me by Amazon yesterday and I’ve just finished it.  I saw you the other night on some show and caught the last minute.  I heard enough to get up immediately to … order your book.  I’m so pleased I did!  Already today I recommended it to my co-workers… Turns out I got a lot more for my money… your book made me feel great. I am so thrilled you made it!  I am so happy your life has a fairy-tale ending that was achieved by sheer will and determination. Way to go, Lauren!  I am PROUD of you and I don’t  even know you.  My dad would have said of you, “She’s got true grit.” 

I loved reading your book and actually got out a high lighter and highlighted some of the passages I found  absolutely inspiring. The next time I think things are going a little tough, I’m going to pull out your book. 

Dear Lauren,  Just another reader who is in complete awe of your incredible will to survive and go on with life! I was brought to tears several times while reading your book “Unmeasured Strength” . One thing that shined through in your story was the love and support of your dear husband and the rest of your family. They gave you the love and support that kept hope alive for you. Your determination to not only live, but to strive to get as much back of your life as you possibly could… As a three year cancer survivor, I too know that without the love, support and prayers of my loved ones, friends, and some people that did not even know me … it would have been so much easier to just give up… I just had to email you and let you know that your book was such a blessing to me. I intend to let my dear daughter read it and be as overwhelmed as I was.

God Bless you and your family.

I am a 61 year old woman and have read hundreds of books. I have never been moved to write to an author until now. You really are an amazing woman with an amazing husband. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and wish you continued success in wherever your life takes you.

My gosh, you can do anything! You’re so beautiful on the inside and outside…Your story was wonderful and I am thankful that you wrote it; you must have inspired thousands of people…I just wanted to let you know how you touched one Philadelphian’s heart.

Dear Lauren, I really don’t want to say the same that millions have said to you already about courage, drive, setting examples, being an unbelievably strong and courageous lady, a definite example for millions, on and on.  Though that is all so true…. your words served a different purpose for me.

I am a single father and my youngest is struggling with depression…she has lost the will and smile she once had. The last chapter of your book spoke loud and clear to me about how I might help her…I gave her your book to read… but, I want to thank you for giving a chance to help her.  Fathers aren’t so good with the problems of 24 year old females, but I am using your experience, courage, love for family to speak to her through your words…I just wanted to share that with you  in hopes that you know… what a difference you have made and the hope I have for my daughter. You are a wonderful beautiful person…inside and out!

I just finished reading your book, Unmeasured Strength.  It was so compelling that I just had to write….I’ve thought of you all from time to time over the years and sent prayers your way, but as the 10-year mark approached, you’d been increasingly on my mind. Thank you for sharing your story.  You, Greg and Tyler are an inspiration – Jagger is as lucky to have you all as you are to have him.  I wish years of happiness and love for you all and your families.

Lauren you are a very gutsy lady. I don’t think I have ever used that word before, but it is apt. You go beyond being brave. You are amazing.

Dear Lauren, I just completed your book. What a powerful & inspirational story. I admire your incredible strength & determination. Your story has always touched my heart & continues to do so.

I was never a strong believer in miracles and that our wishes to God will be granted. Hearing your story, however, changed how I felt about that issue. There is a God, miracles happen, and dreams and wishes come true. Lauren, you are one of the most special people in the world. You have truly inspired me to never give up, which is what I wanted to do just weeks before reading your amazing story. I wanted to leave school and basically become a nobody because I was sick of living. I cannot thank you enough for inspiring me to continue on with things, despite how tough it can get.

I am a nurse in a Pediatric ICU. [You] gave me so much insight to the emotional side of critically ill patients and their families. You both are so inspiring. … Lauren is now my inspiration and hero. Lauren’s courage and determination inspire me daily. Lauren, I am so glad you decided to live on September 11. I hope you write another book.

You have touched my life in a special way. I now look at my day and my world differently. Instead of complaining about what I don’t have, I now look at what I do have. I have my son, I have my husband and we all have our health. I am now so thankful about what I have and celebrate it because we never know when it will be taken away from us.

You are an inspiration to the world. Your strength and courage has enlightened and uplifted so many people. You are a true message of hope. Thank you Lauren. Your candle still burns strong.

Lauren, you are truly an amazing gift to us all. Thank you for fighting the good fight. I will continue to try to do so on my end. Know that you have made a difference in my life.

Your book inspired me in some very dark moments to keep trying and keep moving forward and I wanted to thank you for that. It made me look at things that I was sad about and coming close to giving up quite a few times to move forward and get MAD and make myself go on not only for myself but for my son … to get off my butt and keep going.

Thank you both for showing me … how strong we can be for ourselves and family members. May your life be full of happiness and again Thank you for showing the world how strength, love, determination and sense of family is what matters bottom line! You opened my eyes to see what is really important.

I thought there were certain things that I just couldn’t do. When I heard about your story and everything that you went through and will face in the future, it shot a sense of reality into me. [I] saw what hurdles you will face and the courage and willpower that you have. You made me realize that regardless of what happens or happened in life, there are always things to look forward to and things to come. You are a beautiful person, full of life, intelligence, and strength. I wish you nothing but the best, and I honestly prayed for you. God bless you and your family for all of your endurance.

You don’t know me — but I wanted to share a story with you. I was pregnant with my second child and was on vacation with my sister in Maui, Hawaii. I caught the Today show interview that you gave in March of this year. Needless to say, your story of the tragic events that unfolded for your family left me speechless and in tears.

Lauren, I can’t imagine what you’ve been through and I don’t know if I could have survived what you’ve endured but I got the feeling that you are an AMAZING woman. Your strength, conviction, dedication and determination to live and be a mother to your son and a wife to your husband truly touched my soul more than words can describe.

On May 11, 2002, [our] Lauren was born in Santa Monica, California. Once I saw your interview and heard of what you’ve overcome as an individual and family our decision to name our daughter “Lauren” was decided. You are an inspiration and one day when little Lauren asks how we picked her name, I’ll tell her that an incredible woman fought so hard and demonstrated such conviction and determination to live.

You have instilled a newfound love of my children and my husband. Before I heard your story, my husband and I were on the verge of a separation and we both wanted it to happen. I wanted to give you merit and praise for letting me see all the reasons I married my husband in the first place. The love I have for him is now due in part to seeing your story and knowing what true love really is … Your heartfelt story has given new meaning to my relationship with my husband, my children and myself. Thank you–I don’t feel like those words are enough but those are the ones that I need to use.

Lauren, there are no words. You are the purest form of strength that I have ever seen. Your story made me cry – tears of pain, joy, empathy and pride. You are an amazing woman and I cannot wait to see what you do with the rest of your life. I know it will be brilliant.

You have both inspired me to be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I try to take advantage of every minute of my day and to be grateful for everything in my life. Your story only compels me to truly live every day as if it were my last and to always tell those I love how grateful I am for their presence in my life.

I am grateful, Lauren, that you are the strong, amazing woman that you are.